The Williamsboy

americana, rock, country

The Williamsboy

Matt Williams (Williamsboy) is the gentleman songwriter of the Garden State. Humble and soft-spoken, Williams tells you right off the bat that life was no picnic growing up in a poor neighborhood where people treated you harshly and were swift to prejudge. He learned early to find solace in music after finding a beat up old guitar and learning to play it and he hasn't stopped since those early days.

The name the WILLIAMSBOY is a direct reflection of his youth. It seems that no matter where his family moved, the stigma of being on public assistance followed them. He said, "Whenever something was wrong, missing, or troubled in the neighborhood, I always heard "must be that Williamsboy." So I just adopted the name as my stage name... sort of a tribute to my struggles."

His words and his phrasing are minimalistic; Williams is privy to the fact that sometimes all it takes to trigger a crowd response is a chorus hook consisting of "Stay, stay a little bit longer" and a nice riff to back it up.

"Matt's rythm is engaging and his lyrics come from an honest start, brought to life through the perspective of a man caught in the middle of looking back down a well worn path while at the same time almost vicariously carrying with him lessons for his future."

- Spencer Richardson, CEO & Co-Founder - FanBridge


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