A Strange Utopia

rock, alternative

A Strange Utopia

A Strange Utopia is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Rob Raines and bassist, Zach Blain. Looking for a creative outlet the two began playing together in 2014 and have built momentum ever since. Founded on their passion for music and their love of the late 90's scene, A Strange Utopia's catalog of covers includes an impressive array of 90's-2000's popular rock including Matchbox 20, Gin Blossoms, and Better Than Ezra, with modern artists such as Ed Sheeran and the Lumineers included as well.

While A Strange Utopia can certainly bring it with the 90's, Raines describes his original music as his passion. He describes his music as "Gin Blossoms for the 2000's. Simple stuff to move your feet and catchy hooks you can sing after only one listen."

The band is rounded out by Rob Caminati on lead guitar and Nick Dickinson on drums.


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