Drew Stiles

jazz, rock and funk

Drew Stiles

Drew Stiles is a muslc artist currently residing in the New York City area. Music has been a creative thread throughout Drew's entire life: as a musician, he's an accomplished singer and multi-instrumentalist; as a songwriter; Drew has amassed a large body of original work encompassing a variety of styles, including film scores and collaborations with artists; as a producer, he has created his own albums and assisted other artists to realize their potential in the recording studio.

Having grown up with a professional trumpet player for a Dad, Drew's love for music started from day one. As a kid, he would often sit in on recording sessions, live gigs and tv shows in Manhattan, while the bands burned through '70's flavored jazz, rock and funk. By being in such close proximity to the likes of Lionel Hampton, Tony Bennet, Ella Fitzgerald and others, these formative experiences emblazoned Drew with an unconscious understanding of music, the influence of which is in all his work since.

One of the first bands that Stiles joined, Gin Gypsy, landed a major label deal with A&M Records, a project which allowed the young group to workwith heavyweight producer Jim Gaines (SteVie Ray Vaughn, Huey Lewis,Santana, etc.).

Drew's next band, Yummy, approached the music scene with a DIY attitude by touring, building a fan base, and promoting and selling their own recordings and merchandise. With a sound often compared to Aerosmith, Iggy Pop and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the band was a fixture in the New York music scene.

Afler Yummy, Drew released a self-titled solo album reminiscent of the Beatles, Beck and Elliott Smith. The softer style was also received with great enthusiasm. Stiles headed to Europe in support of his solo album, gigging in France and Switzerland and garnering radio play. He settled in Switzerland for several years and stopped playing music altogether. And during a healing experience there, music started pouring through again, song after song.. The music that arrived is feel-good, fun, and the content for his new work, which Stiles calls a "healing movement".

Drew is now back in America creating The Jayzeuss Guackamoley Project, a multi-media conceptual work. He recently released The Guackamoley Intro EP on Bandcamp.

"Raw and sexed up with "Back In The Saddle" era Steven Tyler-like vocals. After all these years, someone got it down."

- Aquarian Weekly


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