Cyra Morgan

indie, folk

Cyra Morgan

Cyra Morgan has spent the last couple of years building her career as an independent musician and has connected with thousands of musicians and listeners all across the globe.

She plays various venues in NYC and am honored to have been featured by some amazing companies such as Flipboard, Propellerhead Software, SoundCloud, Patch and VKRS.

Cyra is a singer that has the ability to "speak" via her music for many painful, unsolved, daily and social things with a peaceful way. Her music works like a drug, since when she sings you feel calmed.... protected.... you don't even care about other things. Besides that, she is a songwriter, she writes about what she feels in an authentic raw way.

"Cyra Morgan has been making music for as long as she can remember, and appears to have a knack for getting the mood of a song just right."

- Clare Williams, The Music Ninja


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