Claudette Robinson King

blues, jazz, r&b

There's a new voice out of the South making waves, and if familial genes count for anything, blues/jazz/r&b/singer Claudette King, a longtime Californian now living in Atlanta, will go far, very far.

Trained in the gospel of the Baptist church from age 13, King is developing some of the emotional authority that one associates with her mighty mentors: Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Koko Taylor, Chaka Khan, Mavis Staples, Mahalia Jackson, even Michael Jackson. The affable singer will tell you: “I got a bit of everybody inside of me.”

Conscientious and hard-working, she shows her own style, her own identity, through rhythm, phrasing, and timbre. By turns convincingly sensual, sassy, or wistful, she explores the emotional turf of album numbers like “Rock My Soul,” “Too Little Too Late,” and “A Dog Like You” with ease and confidence.

"One of the premier, up-and-coming blues-and-more vocalists of the day.".

- Frank-John Hadley, DownBeat columnist/Blues Foundation award-winner


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